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Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Ask almost anybody what they'd most like to change about their appearance, and one of the first things they are likely to talk about is wanting to lose weight. Whether you have a serious weight problem that represents a health risk or just want to look good in your little black dress, there are a lot of different theories on what the best and fastest ways are to lose weight.

Reduce Caloric Intake

Most of us know the basics of calories, weight gain and weight loss. It all comes down to how many calories we take in and how many calories we burn. No matter what diet or exercise program we choose, the bottom line is that in order to stay at your current weight you have to take in the same number of calories that you burn. In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in, and if you take in more calories than you burn, then you're going to gain weight. In order to lose weight you have to cut the number of calories that you are taking in by 3,500 calories for every pound that you want to lose. There are a number of ways that you can cut calories, but it has been scientifically proven that it is better to eat more low calorie food and keep your metabolism burning then it is to cut calories entirely, which actually lowers your body's metabolic rate.

Increase Calories Burned

Calories are the unit of heat that represents energy used by our bodies. We burn calories every minute, even if we're lying around and doing nothing but sleeping or sitting and watching television. When it comes to losing weight, the more active we are, the more calories we burn and the more weight we lose. The best way to lose weight quickly is to combine a reduction in caloric intake with an increase in the amount of calories that you burn. That's one important reason why doctors and weight loss experts encourage dieters to exercise a few times a week. The slightest increase in activity makes a difference, so if you normally take an elevator or escalator to go up a flight or two, take the stairs. Park your car at the farthest end of the parking lot when you go shopping or in to work so that you have to walk a bit further. If you are in good health, go out for a run, or go to the gym.

Slimming Pills/Shakes/Tea

There are a number of weight loss products on the market that promise to help you to lose weight fast. These include diet pills, protein and weight loss shakes, and a variety of teas that promise to cut your appetite and help you burn more calories. Although many of these formulas may make you feel more full, they can be expensive and have side effects. More importantly, although using these products may help you to lose weight temporarily, if you are interested in long term weight loss then you really need to change your eating habits and improve your exercise routine; using supplements and shakes often lead to a quick return of whatever weight you've lost once you stop using them.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a solution that some people turn to in order to try to lose weight fast. Many people report undergoing a procedure called liposuction, which inserts a narrow tube under the skin into areas where large amounts of fat have accumulated. The fat is vacuumed out, leaving the area where it had been looking smoother and less bloated. Although liposuction is a valuable procedure, it can be extremely painful, leaves the body bruised for a while, and does not do anything to help with maintenance of weight afterwards.

Stomach Stapling/Gastric Bypass

For people who struggle with their weight and who have been diagnosed as being obese or morbidly obese, having your stomach stapled or undergoing a procedure known as gastric bypass is an extreme measure that has seen great success. Patients who undergo this operation have the size of their stomach reduced to the point where their stomach is unable to hold more than a small amount of food.

After the procedure is done, if they over eat then they get sick because their stomach is unable to accommodate the food that they have eaten. Gastric bypass has saved many lives and helps people lose dramatic amounts of weight, but it is best performed after the patient has received nutritional counseling so that they can learn new eating habits for after their surgery. If they are not properly prepared, there is a possibility that they will slowly stretch the size of their stomachs and return to their previous weight.

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Tips For Keeping The Weight Off

If you are determined to lose weight, it is essential that you look at your weight loss program as a permanent change rather than as a temporary fix. If you simply alter the way you are eating in the short term, your weight will quickly come back. Keeping the weight off involves making lifestyle changes that include reducing your caloric intake, eating plenty of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly in order to make sure that you are burning the calories that you are taking in. If you don't make these lifestyle changes on a permanent basis, you run the risk of gaining back all the weight that you worked so hard to lose.

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