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Weight Loss Drugs Reviews

Weight Loss Drugs

When you need to lose weight, there are a lot of different options available to you. Some people are successful simply by reducing calories and increasing the amount of exercise that they do. These dieters are successful because they have normal, healthy metabolisms and a strong will power; often they adopt entirely new ways of eating and going about their lives. Some people simply exercise the weight off; by lifting weights or adding aerobic exercise to their daily schedule without taking in additional calories, they are able to burn off the excess pounds that they are carrying around. Some people are not able to do either and turn to a surgical approach such as bariatric surgery; this option is available for those that are morbidly obese and whose health is deteriorating so rapidly that extreme measures are recommended.

For years, people have been looking for a diet pill that will help them to lose weight. These pills work by either changing your body's metabolism and making everything speed up or by altering your appetite. Back in the 1960's the pills that were available were called amphetamines; they were deemed dangerous and removed from the market. Today there are a few drugs that have been approved for weight loss by the Food and Drug Administration, and there are also a few natural alternatives available.

Meridia for Weight Loss

Meridia is also known by its generic name, Sibutramine. It is a capsule that is taken once a day, and it is an appetite suppressant, which means that its main goal is to stop you from feeling hungry. Although it was known to have worked well in combination with a reduction in the calories that you eat and an increase in exercise, it was found to be responsible for a variety of cardiac and vascular problems such as heart attack and stroke, so it was taken off of the market and is no longer available in the United States.


Phentermine has been available for decades. It is known to be extremely effective in helping you to lose weight, particularly if combined with a low-fat, reduced calorie diet and exercise, but it is generally not recommended that you take phentermine for more than a month and a half. That is because in addition to reducing your appetite it has been found to be somewhat habit forming for its stimulant effect. Some researchers are trying to come up with a medication that combines phentermine with other medications to reduce its habit-forming properties and still take advantage of the effectiveness of its appetite suppressant.


Xenical works differently from stimulants and appetite suppressants. It actually stops the body from absorbing fats from food by breaking the fat down. Although this approach has been effective and has been proven safe in most cases, it has also had some unpleasant side effects.

Xenical users have reported oily bowel movements as the fat that has been removed from their foods has been excreted, and there have been some embarrassing moment for some. This problem can be addressed by eating foods that are lower in fat to begin with. Xenical started out as a prescription medication, but is now available over the counter.

Natural Weight Loss Pills

For those who do not want to use chemicals or unnatural ingredients while trying to lose weight, there are a couple of more organic, holistic approaches to weight loss that have proven effective for many.

Acai Berry

The acai berry is the fruit of a tree that grows in Brazil. It has been widely marketed as a cure-all for everything from obesity to diabetes to baldness, and many people have spent a great deal of money on products that include acai. Recent studies have indicated that although acai is rich in anti-oxidant properties, it has absolutely no more weight loss abilities than any other fruit. Additionally, many of the companies that sell acai berry weight loss products have been cited for continuing to charge credit cards long after the subscription for their product has expired or been canceled.

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Fat Burners

Fat burners are products that are marketed as food additives and supplements that will burn fat from your body. They are not regulated by the food and drug administration, so there is little known about either their effectiveness of about the long term safety of their ingredients. There are a number of different products that are marketed as fat burners. The best known is probably ephedra, which has proven effective in treating a number of different chronic conditions such as asthma and allergies. When taken for weight loss, it has been shown to cause high blood pressure and jumpiness, headaches and strokes. Extreme caution should be used when taking this product. The other fat burner which is very well known is hydroxycitrate. This product claims to work as an appetite suppressant, but there has been no proof that it actually works.

Colonics/Colon Cleanser

Colonics and colon cleansers are a variety of different products that you can either ingest or have pumped into you to clean out your colon. Although there are many people who claim that these products make them feel better, all that they really do is clear out what is in your intestines and colon - they do not make you lose weight, and your colon will eventually fill up again. When you are trying to lose weight, it is not about emptying out your organs - it is about burning excess fat. Cleaning out your colon has as much to do with losing weight as putting down the bag of groceries you are carrying; your body still weighs the same thing.

Other Things To Bear In Mind

Losing weight really comes down to one thing - expending more calories than you are taking in - that is why combining exercising with reducing the fat and calories in your diet is such an effective and long-lasting method. If you do not learn how to adjust what you are eating over the long term, then even taking medication to help you lose weight will end up being a temporary solution.